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Join the 2022 TEKKI Challenge! NOW CLOSED

Kwely launches the second edition of this program with the objective of selecting 15 companies to work on their brand, their packaging, their value proposition and so many other topics that will be important to the enhancement of their “Made in Senegal” products on the local and international market.

The companies will be selected by a jury composed of experts in the relevant fields such as financing, marketing, sales, legal aspects among others.

At the end of the program, the selected brands and products will be part of Kwely’s initial portfolio and will be sold through the B2B sales platform and our network of potential customers in Africa, the United States and elsewhere.

Membership criteria

  • Being a company based in Senegal
  • Processing of agri-food or cosmetic products
  • Products based on local ingredients or traditional know-how
  • At least one (1) designed product that can be tested by the jury.

Don’t waste time and register now!

You have until March 31, 2022 to complete your application. For any questions, please contact us at the email address

Why the TEKKI Program?

  • Despite many advantages introduced in order to encourage the export of African local products to become major players on the global markets, the export volumes remain low.
  • Local product manufacturers in Africa face many barriers to obtaining the resources and skills needed to offer products that are ready to win in the face of strong global competition and that meet the required standards in different international markets.
  • Access to and compliance with the packaging of these local products remains a major challenge for these local manufacturers

The Objectives of the TEKKI Program

  • Upgrading the packaging of local products so that they can meet the required standards in international markets
  • Development of a scalable and adequate international sales strategy
  • Creation of a marketing strategy and “Storytelling” around the brand and products in order to introduce them in the targeted markets
  • Validation of the strategy in the form of a “market test”

2021 Cohort [SENEGAL]